miércoles, 24 de marzo de 2010

José Antonio II (Hello Bernd)

I have to admit this is my very first attempt of writing a post in english. I learned this language at school but I only have practiced it during my travels talking with the tourists or trying to get information at the airport counters. My apologies for the mistakes you may find.

During my stance in Geneva there were some days when Claudia was very busy with some office work and couldn´t take me around the city. To the rescue came her boyfriend Bernd. He is an almost 2.00 meter tall smiling and very friendly German. So kind he offered himself to go with me and visit some touristic places. He also was patient enough to take a lot of pictures. I cannot forget he also looked for me in Luzern when I got lost looking for a chocolate store.
When Claudia told me she was coming to Lima with Bernd I assumed it was the perfect opportunity to introduce him to the great variety of dishes the peruvian food has. But there was a little problem. I had to be careful that Bernd and the spicy food weren't close friends because of some bad experiences with the indian curry. Thank God the meal at the Jose Antonio was a complete success. Bernd drank chicha morada, ate a bit of everything and found the peruvian food delicious. He also tasted the most peruvian dessert: Arroz con leche and mazamorra morada. (The best of all, later Claudia traveled with him to Arequipa so he continued the gastronomic adventure in the best city of this country)
But for me it wasn't enough. In the spirit of the true adventure I made him step into a coaster combi and pay a "china" (S/.0.50) to Larcomar. It was very funny to look at the surprised ticket collector's expression (How can this tourist know the right amount to pay?). We also spent other days touring in Lima in such beatiful places like the Catedral, El Olivar, and the colonial churches. Bernd, you and Claudia are an excellent couple. I hope you are doing well and some day can return to Peru (Or maybe I can visit you again in Europe). Don't forget that whenever you come back to Lima my house is your house. (And that includes my refrigerator! Ha ha ha)

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Gabriela dijo...

Amazing race!

Anónimo dijo...


Que buen post! dedicado para Bernd! :). Que gracioso lo que cuentas y que bueno saber que en esta vida te topas con muy buenas personas, que no se necesita TIEMPO para sentir y entender si vale la pena o no su amistad, desde un inicio uno puede saber y sentir "ESTE ES UN BUEN AMIGO". Y te lo ha demostrado sin conocerte mucho tiempo lo generoso que ha sido al buscarte cuando te perdiste en Lucerna. Eso es lo que me gusta de los europeos y eso yo también lo senti cuando tuve la oportunidad de estar alla. Y que bueno de tu parte haber sido gentil y de enseñarle lo mejor de nuestra ciudad de Lima y de haberlo llevado a muy buenos lugares.
Haz vivido muy buenas experiencias!! que bonito! :).



Renzo dijo...


For Bernd the food was an amazing grace. Ha ha ha

Best regards!

En cualquier lado es genial encontrar personas tan gentiles y con tanta voluntad de darte lo mejor de sí.

Por eso siempre felicito a Claudia por haber encontrado a una persona tan excelente.